My Most Challenging Two Pages

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I don’t have anything prepared for my blog today, so I thought I’d reprint this from my website.

The most challenging and time-consuming two pages of the series PROMETHEA (written by Alan Moore, art by J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray), and in fact probably of any in my career, were the all-lettering spread in PROMETHEA #23. Alan’s script provided a list of about 30 “prayers” or the equivalent, and his instructions were to get these translated into as many languages as possible and fill the two pages with them. J.H. gave me the idea he had in mind for the layout: circular balloons gradually reduced in size radiating from a central point on the left side, and the rest was up to me.

The first challenge was getting the translations, and I enlisted the help of Assistant Editor Kristy Quinn, her friends, and some online contacts of my own, as well as online translation programs like Babelfish to come up with versions of Alan’s text, or parts of it, in over 50 languages. In some cases I had to invent shorter phrases or just use single words, and I added a few music examples as well. Once that was assembled, I began lettering, stopping often to consult the reference, as I was using languages and even alphabets that were new to me. The whole process took about two weeks. I’m sure there are mistakes, and a few were later pointed out to me by readers in the Hebrew translations. Mostly, though, my own personal prayer near the lower right corner, “God, I hope I’ve lettered this right…” had been granted, as far as I know.

A larger version of the two pages is HERE.

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