Neil Gaiman print ON SALE date!

©Neil Gaiman and Todd Klein.

The second half of the prints arrived back signed from Neil today, so it’s full speed ahead: the official on sale date is FRIDAY, JUNE 20TH and the official on-sale time is NOON Eastern Daylight Time. That’s 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time and 5 PM Greenwich Mean Time.

Prints will sell for $20 each, with a limit of TWO per person for the time being. There will be 1000 copies of the first printing available. The first printing of my previous print with Alan Moore sold out in less than three days, so I would advise you to order early!

Ordering information will be available on my BUY STUFF page on Friday.

A detailed description of the creation of this print begins HERE

16 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman print ON SALE date!

  1. Sean Thorniley

    Your “word” prints look lovely and I collect most things Neil so I will stop by Friday and purchase two, on for me and the other for a good friend and comic shop owner who will love it and hopefully not be aware of it until they are gone!

  2. Susanne

    Oh I hope no-one else sees this. PayPal says it’ll be 3-5 working days until I can verify my account! This is So. Wrong.

    Todd? Can you move to Monday, pleeeeease…? 😉

  3. Todd Post author

    I’m no expert on PayPal, but I think you can use a credit card even if you don’t have a verified account.

  4. naomi

    @Susanne: I bought an Alan Moore print using my Visa & it went through Paypal w/no problem.

  5. Torsten Adair

    Todd, you reprinted a beautiful print in “DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics”, showcasing your talent and various typefaces. Was that ever reprinted? How many copies were produced originally?

    (Were I evil, I would disuade others from using PayPal, but, it is true, a credit card works fine, as I have not been verified for three years now…)

  6. Todd Post author

    I think you mean “A Lettering Sampler,” which has been for sale on my BUY STUFF page for some time. I’m nearly out of the hand-colored ones though, so order early if you want one of those. I have plenty of the black and white ones.

  7. Matthew

    I’ve been trying to buy one of the prints but everytime I go on the Buying section it isn’t there. I’ve tried refreshing and deleting temporary internet files but nothing is working. Am I being really stupid and I just can’t see the solution? Thanks.

  8. Matthew

    Forgot to mention, I’m trying to order from Britain and I was wondering if the time differences would effect it?

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  10. Peow Yeong

    I have received the prints that Todd sent… definitely a worthy addition to the Gaiman collection. Highly recommended. A+!!!

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