New Cat Contraption and Walking the Boardwalk

Ellen went to the big box pet store to buy cat food Saturday, and she came home with this, so Tigger and Leo did get a birthday present after all.

They like it. Tigger is particularly interested in the dangly plaything at the bottom…

…while Leo is more into climbing on top.

We moved it over against the wall below the stairway, where it seemed to fit best. Tigger is still after that dangler, and Leo is after that tail!

Late Saturday afternoon we went for a nice long walk on the Ocean City Boardwalk. The winds were strong, but warm, so the only problem was walking against them going south. When we turned around and went north, it was a breeze, so to speak.

While many of the places selling food were open, most of the other shops were closed for the season. New Jersey boardwalks seem to all have one or more psychics, as immortalized in that Springsteen song “4th of July, Asbury Park,” but I don’t know that I’d put much faith in one that doesn’t know how to spell ‘spiritual.”

Visited this bookstore probably for the last time, as the chain is closing down. They once had a store in every beach town around here, but like most bookstores, can’t seem to compete with Amazon and e-readers. We went in and each found a book we wanted at a bargain price.

As we were leaving the boardwalk to have dinner, I was startled by this shop sign. Could it be true, I wondered? Could this be the one shop we’ve all been looking for all our lives? Sadly, there was no telling as it’s closed for the season. Will it be here next summer, or will it quietly disappear one winter night, and no one will ever remember it was there…?

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