New Klein Signed Print with Bill Willingham

© Bill Willingham & Todd Klein, all rights reserved.

I’m pleased to announce my latest signed print with my partner this time being award-winning FABLES writer Bill Willingham. The print is titled “F The Enchanted Letter” and celebrates a wide range of subjects beginning with F, from Fantasy and Fable to Friend and Foe. It’s printed on 11 by 17-inch parchment-like card stock paper in roughly the style of a mediaeval illuminated manuscript, hand-lettered by me with a large decorative initial F (including hand-painted spot color) and four small illustrations in silhouette style, as you can see. It’s signed by both of us, in an edition of 500 copies which will sell for $20 each plus shipping. I’ll also have a two posts about the creation of the print running here over the next two days.

The print will go on sale FRIDAY, JULY 16th at NOON, Eastern Daylight Time. At that time, you’ll find it on my BUY STUFF page as well as the SIGNED PRINTS page on my blog, and on the home page of my website. (Until it goes on sale, it won’t be there.) You can order any time after that, and don’t worry, whenever you order you’ll have no trouble getting the prints, though of course the sooner you order, the sooner they’ll be mailed out. As always, you can order any of my other signed prints with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Alex Ross, J.H. Williams III and Mark Buckingham at the same time.

If you’re planning on ordering just this new print, I’d appreciate a quick EMAIL telling me how many, so I can prepack those. If you plan on ordering other prints as well, no need to email me, I can’t prepack them, but will be happy to send them to you.

My print partners and I thank you for your continued support of this series, and I hope you like the new one!

7 thoughts on “New Klein Signed Print with Bill Willingham

  1. David Goldfarb

    I guess it’s too late to fix it now, but please promise me that if you ever reprint this one you’ll correct “repost” to “riposte”.

  2. Todd Post author

    Yikes, that’s an annoying error. I don’t fence, and am not familiar with the terms, so I missed it. Well, that’s two errors, there’s also an “it’s” that should have been “its”. Hope there aren’t any more. Embarrassing as the errors are, I don’t think I can face starting over and redoing the print from scratch. Too many hours of painting, too many weeks of waiting for Bill to have time to sign them. Not to mention the paper cost, the shipping to and from Bill, and the prospect of no new print release for more months…

  3. Bill Willingham

    Darn it, I do fence — at least I used to — and I didn’t catch it. I’ve no excuse. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. My inner Cyrano is mocking me now.

  4. Eric Gimlin

    It looks wonderful, as have the rest. Just to clarify something: Those are your illustrations, not Bill’s, right?

    I’ll be ordering this soon; just not sure if I’ll be able to grab it on release day so I’m not sending you an e-mail yet.

    I can’t recall, had you already announced your partner on this one? Or was I just thinking F=Fables and with Buckingham on the last one that he would be the obvious choice?

  5. Todd Post author

    Sorry, Bill, I share the blame, I should have checked it, but it looked right to me. As they say, never assume. We’ll move forward accepting our errors, then.

  6. Todd Post author

    I hadn’t announced it, you’re just thinking like I do, Eric! And yes, those are my illustrations.

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