New Signed Print with Dave Gibbons!

Image © Dave Gibbons and Todd Klein, all rights reserved.

I’m pleased to announce the latest signed print in my alphabetical series, in partnership with Dave Gibbons, is now on sale on the BUY STUFF page of my website. Dave has written a poem focusing on the ever-changing nature of our internal perception, that which makes up our own personal “I.” I’ve designed and hand-lettered it.

The print measures 11 by 17 inches and is printed on pure white Wausau cardstock in black, with the title on each hand-painted by me in an ultramarine wash. Each print is individually signed by Dave and myself. My price is $20 plus shipping. The print will be placed in a protective plastic sleeve and mailed in a sturdy mailing tube. Ordering with other prints will decrease the shipping cost.

Dave and I are very happy with this collaboration, and hope you’ll find it worth ordering. Note that, for the first time, the print run will be limited to 250 copies, half that of my previous prints, so you might want to order soon to avoid missing out. Dave and I thank you for your support and hope to hear from you!

A detailed description of the creation of the print is on my SIGNED PRINTS page, where you can read about the making of all my prints.

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