New Signed Print with Mark Buckingham


© Mark Buckingham and Todd Klein.

I’m pleased to announce that my next signed print, with partner Mark Buckingham, is finished, and will be released at Noon, Eastern Standard Time, on Saturday, February 6th. The print is called “Each Beast At The Feast,” and is a light-hearted poem written by me about a fabulous animal picnic with wonderful art by Mark Buckingham, the main artist on the FABLES comic from Vertigo/DC. It’s printed on Ivory Exacta Bristol Vellum paper, the same paper used for my Alex Ross print. Each print has pale orange spot color added by me. It’s limited to 500 copies signed by both of us, and will sell for $20.

Mark Buckingham loves to draw animals, and he’s had the chance to get lots of them in this picture, which I think and hope will appeal to all ages. A detailed description of the creation of the print is HERE. “Each Beast At The Feast” is the fifth print in a series, previous prints in partnership with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Alex Ross and J.H. Williams III are still available, all for $20 each.

To order on Saturday, go to my BUY STUFF page, but be aware that the new print won’t appear there until it goes on sale. Mark and I look forward to hearing from you then!

3 thoughts on “New Signed Print with Mark Buckingham

  1. Susan

    It is gorgeous! Love Mark’s custom artwork, and, as always, your lettering is a fabulous accompaniment. Nice poem, too.

  2. Justin

    Just bought it. Looks beautiful. I want to get the others in the series, but I gotta wait for my wallet to recover. Can’t wait.

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