Now Blooming (and Roaming) in the Garden


My spring plantings and the perennials are all doing well this year, though at the moment they and we are covered in pollen. It’s been a good spring for the oak and pine trees as well. This begonia is happy in its small pot so far.


You can really see the pollen on this close view of a Columbine flower. We planted a few many years ago, and they naturalized. This one is coming up in the compost pile.


I planted some new Dianthus, but this returning one is even prettier, I think.


The Blue Iris in the pond have started opening.


Our Lilac isn’t so much to look at, the flowers are very pale lavender that quickly fade to white, but the smell is heavenly. I don’t think it’s ever bloomed this much.


One of the ground covers I planted is Lithodora, with pretty blue flowers that have continued to bloom for several weeks, but are now fading.


The Rhododendrons have also bloomed more than usual, and it’s hard to believe these were about two feet high when planted some 12 years ago or so. Now I can’t reach the tops.


The first Roses are opening.


I think this is a perennial Salvia, it blooms for several weeks.


Spiderwort are opening, one bloom in each cluster a day.


The Viburnum looks nice in the sunshine. Those large white flowers are really just specialized leaves to attract insect attention, the real flowers are the small clusters above.


And here’s the roamer, an Eastern Box Turtle I see almost every morning. Not sure if it’s a returnee or not, I have to look at previous years’ turtle pics, but I bet he (or she) is hoping a mate will turn up to roam with!

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