Oh joy, more snow…


© Robert Lawson estate.

We had about two inches last night, then rain all morning to turn it to mush, then more snow all afternoon. Hard to say what the total will be, but it seems we’ll get less than last weekend at least. Hey, it could be worse, I could have to hunt for food…


© William O. Steele estate, Paul Galdone.

Fortunately I got in this week’s grocery shopping yesterday, so we’re set for a while. Ellen’s had two days off work already this week, and has just been told to stay home tomorrow. With a little attitude adjustment, it’s a…


© Arthur Ransome estate.

Alas, there are no snow days for me as long as the power doesn’t go out. It hasn’t yet, and that’s a good thing, it only causes more problems! I’ll be here lettering pages tomorrow, as usual, while some of you enjoy your day of leisure at home. Don’t feel bad, I like my job!

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