Orz and I


Photo © Lawrence G. Beck, 1990.

Just came across this photo of Tom Orzechowski and I at the Dallas Fantasy Fair Lettering Panel in 1990, the occasion of our first meeting. I don’t remember the panel specifically, but I do remember Tom showing me his Logo sketchbook, with the original idea sketches for many of his logo designs, and we had a great old time talking lettering and praising each other’s work, as well as that of Gaspar Saladino, John Costanza, and other letterers we both admired. At one point at that con, Tom and I were in an elevator with Jim Starlin. We’d both lettered his work, and Jim had a habit of calling me “Tom.” Looking at us, he said, “Now I get why I do that — you two look similar!” I guess we did a bit, if you focus on the glasses, noses and mustaches…

4 thoughts on “Orz and I

  1. Tom Orzechowski

    How wonderful that neither of has aged a day since then. It must be down to our long and stress-free associations with Messrs. Claremont and McFarlane, Gaiman and Moore.

  2. Justin H.

    It’s great to think about two of the best modern letterers hanging out and talking shop…!

  3. Tom Orzechowski

    At a San Diego show maybe fifteen years ago, when most comics were still lettered by hand, there was a good group of us having lunch together. Memory is hazy by now, but in the group were Todd and I, Bill Oakley, Susie Lee, Mike Heisler, maybe Stan Sakai…? We ended up passing around a napkin and demonstrating our approaches to different letters… “S,” ” R,” like that. Compelling! I’m sure no one saved it.

  4. Todd Post author

    Yes, I tried to organize a regular yearly get-together for letterers in San Diego from about 1993 until maybe 2002 or so, when it petered out because most of the regulars stopped coming to the Con for one reason or another. I think Tom and I were at the meetings most often.

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