Our Backyard Zoo

TurkeyTreeImages © Todd Klein.

This time of year animals are roaming, either looking for mates, or new food sources and territory. We get a good variety of birds coming to our bird feeders, but this one was a surprise, a lone hen Turkey! She looked over the yard carefully, watching the other birds at the feeders…

TurkeyLawn…then came into the back yard. If you’ve ever wondered where the dinosaurs went, watch one of these guys for a few minutes!

TurkeyFeederSoon she was pecking up sunflower seeds on the grass around the feeder.

TiggerTurkeyThe cats were not on the porch when the Turkey appeared, but before long, Tigger had spotted her. He seemed startled and a little afraid as they eyed each other. No wonder, the Turkey is much larger than Tigger!

LeoTiggerTurkeySoon Leo had joined him, and the Turkey now began to make short nervous sounds. She circled the yard and then headed off into the woods. Perhaps she’ll be back, but Turkeys have a large territory, and usually travel in flocks, so I don’t know what this single was was doing here.

TurtleWalkingThat was yesterday, today on a rainy Memorial Day there was a Box Turtle walking across the back yard in the rain. The cats and I watched it, too. It’s a regular zoo around here lately!

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