Philly Comicon Friday

I enjoyed my day at the con yesterday, having driven up from home in the morning, checked into the Hilton Garden Hotel across the street for one night (thanks to the kind folks at the con) checked in fairly quickly and was seated at my table around 1 PM. Con floor shots tend to all look about the same, and this one of my aisle is no different, but you can get some idea of the size of the room. It’s not huge, I think you could walk the perimeter in about five minutes if you didn’t stop, but they fit a lot into it, and while the aisles weren’t packed, there was steady traffic. I spent most of my time until 7 PM at my table, being there alone…

…though writer Tony Bedard, seated nearby, was kind enough to watch my stuff briefly twice. Thanks, Tony! That allowed me some quick walks around to see the rest of the con. Met a few other folks I know, not many, but then I’m usually walking the floor more.

You have to hand it to people who do this kind of costume. It must be hot and awkward to handle, but this fellow made it look good, a very professional job.

This costume may be the most uncomfortable-looking one I’ve ever seen. But the marshmallow man was quite popular.

Here’s my table with everything but me. I did quite well, selling 17 prints, signing things, talking to fans, and even got a few pages of lettering done before my laptop battery died, so it was a good experience, and I’m glad I came. Today I’ll be there from about 10 AM to 5 PM, and will report on that probably tomorrow, when I’m back home.

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