Philly Comicon Saturday

As I entered the show Saturday morning I got a photo of the 1966 Batmobile, one of several cars from TV shows present. For those who can’t get enough of the 1960s TV show, Adam West and Burt Ward were there signing things for a fee, as well as lots of other TV stars and glamor models, something Wizard shows have a lot of.

I stopped to say hello to artist JG Jones, who I worked with on a Wonder Woman graphic novel some years ago. The show got quite busy as the day progressed, with the aisles mostly full.

Vertigo assistant editor Sarah Litt was there and stopped to say hi. We just worked together on an upcoming Vertigo graphic novel.

At 2 PM I was scheduled to be on a Green Lantern panel with three artists. When I got there only inker Prentis Rollins was there, so the two of us got things started with questions. I asked how many had seen the Green Lantern movie (about 20) and how many liked it (about 15 I think), and I’d been hearing mixed opinions, so I guess we’ll see what the box office returns are tomorrow. Soon artists Ethan Van Sciver and Shane Davis joined us. I’d never met any of the artists on the panel, and my own connection to GL was in the 1980s, so I mostly listened to what they had to say as they took questions. Ethan is very outgoing and entertaining, so he led the panel for the most part, and it went well.

On my way back to my table I saw this attractive Elektra costumer, with what looked like real swords that she wielded with skill for those who wanted photos.

I sold more prints Saturday, bringing my show total up to 26, quite happy with that, and I signed lots more comics and talked to fans, as well as getting a few more pages of lettering done on my laptop. I left the show at 5 PM, and after getting something to eat at the Reading Terminal Market, headed for home. It was a good show for me. Nothing like San Diego, but not bad for a smaller local event.

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