Photos of H.G. Peter, Wonder Woman co-creator

Wonder Woman creators at All-American Comics

If you search for photos of Wonder Woman’s first artist and co-creator, Harry G. Peter, the one you are most likely to find is this one, a publicity photo from the All-Star Comics offices, around 1940, showing William Moulton Marston (seated left) Harry G. Peter (standing left), editor Sheldon Mayer, and publisher M.C. (Max) Gaines. When I was researching the early DC offices and employees, this was the only one I could find. (This version was tweaked by Paul Guinan, there are many versions out there of poorer quality.)

In June of this year, Jackie Estrada posted on Facebook that she was searching for a photo of Peter to use at this year’s Eisner Awards in San Diego, as Peter was being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Many people tried and found nothing new, but Alex Johnson came up this this image:

Harry G. Peter

He saved it from an eBay auction of Peter’s personal effects in 2016. Looking for that, I found this on Bryan Hayes’ “Hayfamzone Blog”:

An interesting lot of personal effects from the estate of original Wonder Woman artist Harry G. Peter is now up for bid on ebay! Maybe you’ll be interested in the National Cartoonists Society group photo shown above, featuring Rube Goldberg at third from the left and Frank Robbins at far right. Or maybe you’re curious to see a Wonder Woman Christmas card that Mr. Peter drew, shown below. The lot even includes the gentleman’s wedding certificate! The bidding lasts a few more days and, while it’s available, you can investigate the auction description over here.

Sadly, the auction link is gone, and the images the Bryan put in his blog article are also gone. The one above is all we have from that auction other than a photo labeled as Peter’s wife that Alex Johnson also saved. No other information about these photos is out there, but I later learned from Jackie Estrada that she had been in touch with a friend of a friend who was the winner of the auction. That person, who apparently wishes to remain anonymous, was willing to give her a different photo of Peter for the Hall of Fame slideshow as long as it wouldn’t be used anywhere else. I asked Jackie if she could put me in touch with this person, but haven’t heard anything, so I’m guessing he doesn’t wish to be contacted. Could it be a comics historian gathering material for a book or article? Or just a Wonder Woman fan who does not like to share? In any case, it’s a shame that we can’t add his images of Peter to the public knowledge base online.

Harry G. Peter photo tweaked

I did some tweaking to the photo above, and offer it as at least one alternate photo of the elusive Harry G. Peter. This is him as a young man, which at least gives us another reference point, as the All-Star photo shows him as a much older one. I hope more of the mysteriously held images of Peter surface at some time in the future.

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