Poker Payback


© Nick Gerrard.

The gods of luck and chance had it in for me today, no doubt as payback for my third place finish in the last poker tournament I played in. I sat down at the morning $60 tournament at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and found I’d been doomed with a fatal combination: great cards and terrible luck. I lost with pocket aces. I lost with pocket kings. I lost with a full house to a better full house. Finally, with a dwindling chip stack I went all in with A-J, and an ace on the board and lost to three eights, out in less than an hour.

Had lunch, and then sat down to a $1-2 No-Limit Holdem game with $100 in chips. I played conservatively, not calling raises with moderately good hands, and saw three pots that I would have won if I did. Finally I got pocket queens and bet big. There was an ace on the board, and one lady called me. I figured she probably had me beat with a pair of aces, but I was down to my last $35, so I went all in anyway. There was one more card to come, and it was another queen! I was sure I had won until she turned over a pair of pocket aces, beating my three of a kind with a better one.

I know when to quit. But the gods had one more laugh at me…I had to drive through two torrential rain storms on the way home that slowed traffic to a crawl and added a half hour to my trip.

Okay, you got me. But I’ll be back!

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