Porch Cats

As summer continues, Tigger and Leo spend as much time as we’ll let them on our screened porch, chasing bugs, as seen here…

…or just hanging out in the sunshine. A cat’s natural desire for a high perch gets them up on this 2×4 railing a lot, where they’re just a little closer to the creatures they’d most like to catch:

Good thing they don’t know it will never happen, it gives them something to hope for.

We had our house power-washed by someone this past Friday, and it was a trying day for all of us, though Rob did a fine job. It meant all the doors and windows had to be shut tight all day, as he started around 10 AM and didn’t finish until close to 7 PM. It was pretty noisy, too, between the compressor motor and the spray itself.

Ellen was worried about the House Wrens who are successfully raising young in this bird house hanging from the eaves of our front porch, so when Rob got here Friday I moved the nest to a hook I’d prepared on a tree branch away from the house. I wasn’t sure how that would go over with the parents, but they must have been okay with it. When Rob was done in front, I moved the nest back, and they were right in there bringing food to the chirping babies again. Whew! The powerwashing has the entire house and sidewalks looking like new, and ready for summer company.

Today is predicted to be hot, and we’ll be going to the beach. Later we’re going to The Borgata in Atlantic City for dinner, and staying for a fireworks show there in the evening. I’ll probably report on that tomorrow. Hope your Fourth is a good one!

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