Print Sales and Website Travails

It’s been an interesting weekend, so far. Saturday morning I uploaded the new version of my BUY STUFF page, showing my new print, DRAWING THE SWORD, and soon after, orders began coming in (Thanks!).

The next thing I wanted to do was upload revised website pages. My website will be two years old this coming July 3rd, and I felt it was time to dust a bit and change the curtains. Over the past month or so I’ve been making revisions on my pages, using Dreamweaver. Nearly all the pages have changes, but most are cosmetic: new background colors and textures. Some pages have more extensive changes: my website HOME PAGE, for instance, which now has links to new pages about my signed prints, one for each print, where you can order each one directly, instead of having to read through the entire BUY STUFF page. (A suggestion from Neil Gaiman.) Also updated is my CURRENT PROJECTS page, and there’s a new subtopic on DAVE GIBBONS under LETTERING, and new photos in the PHOTOS section under COMICS RELATED PHOTOS.

So, I used Dreamweaver to do a sitewide update to the website on my website host, then checked the website. Some pages were updated, some were not. I ran the update again, and this time a number of files came up that needed to be individually checked off as “upload and replace existing.” Many of those were parts of my WordPress Blog files. Without thinking it through, I checked all those files to upload and replace existing.

Then I went to my website again, and everything seemed fine, including the blog. “Good,” I thought, “I’ll go blog about the update.” I tried to access the administration area of my blog, and found I couldn’t, I had messed it up somehow with my upload. Argh!

The rest of the day yesterday, in between processing print orders, I was emailing WordPress and Lunarpages support trying to straighten out my blog problem. I was finally able to get Lunarpages to reinstall a saved version of the blog from last April. This got full functionality back, but all the posts from April to June were missing! More argh!

Fortunately, with more help from Lunarpages support (can’t thank them enough!) I got all the missing posts back. The images were missing from them, though. I had all the images saved, so I uploaded them to the website again, and the posts now look correct to me, but to be safe, I went into all the more important ones (Signed Print posts, Logo Studies) and manually relinked the images. I haven’t done that with other posts like reviews. So, if you find posts with missing images or broken links, please let me know.

Meanwhile, have a look at my website when you get a chance and see what you think of the changes.

Oh, and print sales are going well: steady, not overwhelming. I’m having no trouble keeping up with orders, and expect any orders I get this weekend to go out Monday.

Okay, I’m going to next post a review I had done before the blog problems. Let’s see if the images show up correctly…

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