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As I’ve been blogging, on May 15th Ellen and I will be participating in the World Series of Birding, raising money for conservation efforts by the New Jersey Audubon Society’s Cape May Bird Observatory. We’ll spend the day with a team of other birders trying to see and hear as many bird species as we can in one day around Cape May County. We raise money by personally pledging $2 for each species seen, and we can also accept pledges from others. That’s where you come in! Now, a few weeks ago I offered my signed prints as pledge incentives, but I’ve only had one taker so far, the generous


who has pledged for the second year in a row. Thanks, Shawn! In hopes of getting a few more pledges, I’m offering the trade paperbacks pictured above as gift incentives. For a pledge of 25 cents per species we count (last year we had 140), you can have any one of the trade paperbacks above PLUS two recent comics I’ve lettered (my choice) any items signed if you wish. If you’re willing to pledge 50 cents per species you’ll ALSO get any one of my signed prints:


Okay, so we might see more or less species than last year, but even if we reach the elusive total of 150 species, then a pledge of 25 cents will result in a donation of $37.50, and a pledge of 50 cents a donation of $75. If that’s more than you can afford (and I know times are tough), I’ll happily accept a donation of even 10 cents per species (estimated donation of $15) and still send you some comics. Any takers? If so, use the CONTACT link on the left sidebar to email me.

If you live in or near New Jersey, you might consider that the New Jersey Audubon Society, who we’re raising funds for, has been, as they say on their website, “Making New Jersey a better place for people and wildlife since 1897.” As one of the most supported and committed nature groups in the country, they’ve helped preserve thousands of acres of natural habitat for us all to enjoy, and fought to keep the kind of ecological disaster now taking place in the Gulf of Mexico from happening here. Well worth your support.

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