Pulled From My Files #4


Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Here’s something I worked on thirty years ago. I did the logo for this image created for the American Library Association. This is the bookmark, rather small and a bit the worse for wear. It’s been sitting on one of my bookshelves ever since, occasionally used as intended. There was also a much larger poster. The Superman figure is from the DC Style Guide, 1982 edition, pencilled by José Luis Garcia-López, inks by Dick Giordano. Don’t know who did the books, but probably someone on the DC production staff.


I did the logo quite large on Denril plastic vellum, I’m just showing part of it here. You can see some of the faint pencil guidelines for the front of the letters (black pencil) and the two-point perspective telescoping (blue pencil). A fun project, and the sort of extra thing that came my way when I was on staff at DC.

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