Pulled From My Files #14: Marvel Cover Lettering


Images © Marvel Characters, Inc.

After I left my staff job at DC Comics in 1987 I started picking up some work from Marvel, which I wasn’t allowed to do previously with a very few exceptions. At that time I was doing lots of cover lettering for DC, still all by hand, and pretty soon I was doing quite a bit for Marvel as well. There was a period in the late 80s to early 90s when about half the covers at both companies had some of my lettering on them. Here are a few samples that I saved. Don’t know what issues or even what books they’re from, though the one above is clearly a Spider-Man book.


This batch definitely has some X-Men books in it. The blurb “To Stalk A!” matches the Sabretooth logo I did for Marvel. “Mystique” could have been a logo, I think it’s pretty good still, but it wasn’t.


This batch seems to be all Spider-Man stuff again. In the early years of the Stan Lee Marvel Comics rise, Stan’s cover copy was often this kind of bombastic over-the-top melodrama, while DC blurbs remained much more conservative. By this time period, both companies were doing about the same thing, and lots of it.

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