Pulled From My Files #21: VIRUS Logo


Images © Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Sometimes when working on a logo you’re asked to do something that you can’t make work. That was the case with this assignment from Dark Horse editor Randy Stradley. He wanted the “virus” creatures from his story to appear somehow in the logo. Perhaps he was thinking of the original MAD logo where Harvey Kurtzman filled the centers of the letters with a crowd of crazy people. Unfortunately, I’m not that talented, so I suggested to Randy that I provide him with an open logo like this and perhaps his artist could add some of the creatures.


He must have agreed, and here’s a photocopy of the finished logo, simply a very tight and exact tracing of the sketch. except that I added a little space between the V and I so I could have that corner the same height as the ones to the right of it. I think it has strength and visual impact, and is easy to read even with the joined letters.


Apparently the creatures in the letters didn’t work for the artist either, or the idea was simply not followed, and the logo appeared as I designed it.

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