Pulled From My Files #25: THE KINDLY ONES


Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Here’s something I didn’t know I had until I uncovered it this week, the original title lettering for The Kindly Ones storyline in SANDMAN, running from issues 57 to 69 of the series.


When I used it, I assembled a reduced photocopy of the hand-lettering onto a frame, as seen here, adding the appropriate chapter number each time. I don’t recall how much of the art by Marc Hempel was sent to me for lettering, but it’s likely some pages were lettered on vellum overlays atop xerox copies of the art. In either case, I would have put the title block together first and pasted it onto either the penciled art or the overlay.


Here’s a larger scan with the words stacked so you can see it more clearly. It was penciled on DC art paper with a smooth or plate finish, probably a cover board, then inked with a technical drawing pen, I think probably a number 2.5 or 0.70mm size. When it was dry, I would have pointed the corners with a size 0  (.035mm) pen. The intent is to contrast the very euphemistic words with a style suggesting something creepy and dangerous, the characters themselves. I think it works well, if I do say so myself.

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