Pulled From My Files #28: DRACULA

DraculaImages © Marvel.

Some time in 1992 I did this for Marvel editor Terry Kavanaugh who was planning a series reprinting some of the Marv Wolfman/Gene Colan TOMB OF DRACULA stories. It’s done with markers over pencil, and DRACULA seems intended for the logo with the other lettering as top lines above, three different ones.

WeddingofDraculaAt the time I don’t think I found out how or where it was used, but apparently only one issue was published, above, dated January 1993. DRACULA is mine, someone else has done the rest. Perhaps Marvel felt my top line wasn’t readable enough, or just too big. The cover lettering below the logo looks like a font to me. In all, not a good combination of elements to my eyes. Too bad they didn’t use what I gave them, I think it would have looked better!

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  1. Todd Post author

    Yes, I think there’s one other as well. Someone sent me links, but I’ve misplaced them. Thanks.

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