Pulled From My Files #32: STORM LOGO


Images © Marvel, except as noted.

In 1993 I was asked by Marvel to submit logo design sketches for the X-Men character Storm. I’m not sure whether they planned a solo book for her at that time, but if so, none came out until 1996, and then with a different logo.

StormSketch2These are all drawn in pencil on typing paper, then inked with markers, I was about a year away from starting to work on logo designs on a computer.

StormSketch3AOther than #2, they all have a similar approach. I don’t know why I stuck with that instead of trying more diverse options.

StormSketch3BI’m sure I was trying to capture the energy of her powers, but in retrospect I don’t think this was a particularly good choice for the character.

StormSketch4This one used vertical letters and was less bouncy than the previous few, and the inside shapes were smoother.

StormSketch5This is a clever idea, but reads oddly, the O is too prominent. At the time, pointy and dangerous was the look Marvel wanted, so that’s clearly one reason I went in this direction.

StormLogoKleinSketch #4 was chosen, and I did up this final logo in ink on plastic vellum, as was my habit at the time, and mailed it to the editor, but as far as I can tell it was never used. (If anyone can find it in use, please let me know.)

Storm41996I can’t say I blame Marvel for going with something else in 1996, the logo used then, which I think is by Comicraft, fits the character better, though there are are some similarities as far as “pointy and dangerous” goes. The X symbol inside the O is certainly a good idea.

UrsulaKleinBlogImage © Disney.

Here’s a much better use of the type of sinuous forms I was trying to use for Storm, a logo I designed in 1991 for Disney.

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