Pulled From My Files #33: FAUX DC COVERS

SupremeCoversImages © Rob Liefeld Inc.

During the run of SUPREME written by Alan Moore in the 1990s, which I lettered, many homages to DC Comics of the Silver Age were present, from storylines to characters to lettering and logo styles. For SUPREME #52B dated Sept. 1997, a feature called “A Cover Gallery Supreme” included a number of faux covers in the DC Silver Age style with art by Rick Veitch and logos, trade dress and lettering by me, all in the style of Ira Schnapp, the man doing that work at DC at the time. When Checker Books reprinted the SUPREME series in two trade paperbacks in 2002, they left out that feature, but did include some of the covers on the inside back cover of one trade paperback, above. These were lots of work, but also lots of fun to do, it gave me a chance to emulate the styles of Ira Schnapp, which I grew up with, and always liked, even if they do seem old-fashioned now. The logos and trade dress were worked up on the computer (from hand-drawn layouts), but the cover lettering was all done by hand. Here are some scans of that lettering, done on vellum, which I still have.

supremeletters1supremeletters2My understanding of Ira’s work came from looking at the printed comics of my youth in collected DC editions and other books of old covers, but there are things I would do differently today to make it more like Ira’s work. For instance, in the balloon above, each M should have vertical, not slanted, sides.

supremeletters3supremeletters4The variant script E in the first part of the caption above was something Ira used occasionally in large display lettering, but probably not in caption boxes like this.

supremeletters5supremeletters6Of course, it was meant to be an homage, not an exact copy of Ira’s lettering, so it was perfectly fine for the job. And it’s inevitable that it would end up looking like a mixture of Ira’s and my own styles, as that’s what it really was, probably with a little of Gaspar Saladino, a major influence on my lettering, thrown in as well.

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