Pulled From My Files #36: Digital Cover Lettering

CLChronos9Images © DC Comics

I did lots of cover lettering by hand from 1978 on, and when I got my first Apple desktop setup, I began making fonts I could use for that as well, and gradually shifted over to mostly digital cover lettering around 1995. I did plenty of that work until 2005 when DC took it in-house. Here are some examples using my own fonts that I think worked well. This one is from CHRONOS #9.

CLFeaturingNot sure what this was for, but the “Featuring” was not a font, it was drawn and traced for this use, inspired by the work of Ira Schnapp.

CLCreeper6I’ve always liked covers with one choice word balloon, and here’s one from CREEPER #6.

CLDoomPatrol2From DOOM PATROL #2, using one of the fonts seen in the first example above, but with a very different treatment.

CLDoomPatrol8From DOOM PATROL #8…I think.

CLDoomPatrol8ABut this one is also marked DOOM PATROL #8, so either one is numbered wrong, or one was a rewrite. This font is inspired by some of the Marvel titles by Artie Simek.

CLDetective783From DETECTIVE COMICS #783, sometimes cover lettering is huge, in this case a one-shot treatment of the logo that I probably got paid extra for…

CLDetective795…and sometimes it can go very small, as in this example from DETECTIVE COMICS #795. This is a tiny random selection from the hundreds in my files, I’ll put up more in the future.

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