Pulled From My Files #39: BLACK CONDOR LOGO


Images © DC Comics.

I have very little on this logo in my files, just two marker sketches. I like the Condor silhouette on this one, but the R looks too much like a B. That could have been fixed, but Curtis King and the editor must not have liked this direction for the revamp of the 1940s character in 1992.

BlackCondor2There must have been more sketches, but this is the other one I have. the triangle in the background is part of the character’s chest symbol. I don’t know where the idea for the rest came from.

Black_Condor_1Nor do I have a copy of the finished logo, but here it is on the first issue, and it looks like an exact tracing of the second logo sketch. Not one of my best efforts, but not bad.

3 thoughts on “Pulled From My Files #39: BLACK CONDOR LOGO

  1. clem robins

    brian augustyn? rags morales?

    i feel like my life is flashing before me.

    thanks for posting.


  2. Traie

    Any chance you’ll log a piece about the new DC logo? Really want to hear your take and again flabbergasted they didn’t ask you…

  3. Todd Post author

    I won’t be commenting on the new DC logo, but I like it better than the previous one. That’s my only comment.

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