Pulled From My Files #40: 2099 A.D.

2099AD_General.Images © Marvel.

Some time in 1994 I was contacted by editor Joey Cavalieri, then at Marvel editing the growing 2099 line of possible futures for Marvel characters. I had worked with Joey at DC Comics, so knew him well. Joey asked me to design a new version of the 2099 logo with the addition of A.D. (After Doom) for a crossover event he was planning. This was the general version to be used wherever it would work. All these logos were drawn by hand, and I made a second version “B” of each with the area around 2099 filled black. Version “A” left it open for color. I based my design on the existing logos, which I believe were all designed by Ken Lopez (not sure about all of them). My idea was for A.D. to suggest the metal plates on Doctor Doom’s mask. I gave it bevels for added depth. Joey was happy with this idea, and asked me to also do a few specific versions to better fit existing logos.

2099AD_Spiderman.This one was curved to match the SPIDER-MAN 2099 logo. The event ran for about 6 issues I think, here’s one:

SpiderMan2099_38_12-95The the 2099 A.D. didn’t really mesh that well with the logo, but at least it was curved to fit.

2099AD_XMenThis version went with X-MEN 2099, adding telescoping…

2099AD_Hulk…and this one with HULK 2099, a different perspective version and rough outline. I think that’s all the versions I did. It’s all I find in my files, at least. In 1995 I designed two cover logos for Joey using this concept: 2099 A.D. GENESIS and 2099 A.D. APOCALYPSE. Those were done on computer rather than hand-drawn.

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  1. wavedash

    Seems like the Spiderman version would have been better with the black fill and a red drop shadow to match.

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