Pulled From My Files #43: TWO-FACE


Images © DC Comics.

I have no records on these logo sketches, but they are done with markers over pencils, so probably from the early 1990s, and most likely for the DC Comics licensing department. Villains are hard to market, but the character of District Attorney Harvey Dent, one side of his face ruined by thrown acid, has been around since 1942 and appeared in movies, animation and TV. His trademark two-sided coin (heads on both sides, one side heavily scratched to represent the character’s evil side) was probably suggested as a theme or element to use. I think the sketch above captures the dichotomy well.


This version does not captured the two sides of the character as well, and the coins as suggested would be hard to see.

Two-FaceKlein3My third idea is probably too ambitious and is both hard to read and hard to understand: why is the name there twice? people might say. The coin is probably an image provided by DC.

I don’t think this went any further on my part. Perhaps they gave me a kill fee and someone else did the version used. Or possibly DC decided not to pursue the project. I don’t see any character licensing use online, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t prepared. There is a 1996 one-shot comic with a Two-Face logo, but by then, if it was something I was asked to submit designs for, I would have done them on my computer. I can’t fault DC for not going with these ideas, none of them are very good, in my opinion.

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  1. Todd Post author

    If you look at other issues of that title you’ll see they all used the same font for the characters, so no.

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