Pulled From My Files #44: PUMA Logo

pumaklein1Images © Marvel.

I have this set of five logo sketches for the Marvel character Puma in my files with no information about them. They are probably from the early 1990s. I think they are from before 1995 when I started doing most logo sketches on my first Apple desktop computer. Puma debuted in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #256 dated Sept. 1984, but I couldn’t have worked on a logo for him before late 1987 when I left staff at DC Comics. Early 90s seems right, when Marvel was greatly expanding their output. The style of this sketch is overlapping slabs.

pumaklein2Here’s a very curvy one that I still like, though probably not the right approach for the character. Would have been better if he was a magic-user rather than a fighter.

pumaklein3Something a bit more subdued with lower-case letters.

pumaklein4The furry look in case that appealed to the editor, though probably too retro. Lots of energy here, but not enough space between the U and M. That could have been adjusted.

pumaklein5Another slab approach, which could signify that version 1 was liked best and they wanted to see a variation of it. Or not. Can’t recall anything about this work at all, frankly. Obviously the proposed Puma series never happened, and I must have been paid a kill fee for my work.

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