Pulled From My Files #47: KAINE LOGO

Images © Marvel.

Some time probably in 1995 I was asked by Marvel editor Eric Fein to submit logo design sketches for their character Kaine, who first appeared in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #119 dated Dec. 1994. I’m guessing they were planning to feature him in a mini-series, but none appeared at that time. Later the character appeared under the names Tarantula and Scarlet Spider, eventually gaining his own series by that name in 2012. These sketches are drawn by hand in pencil and inked with markers, so it’s unlikely I would have done them any later than 1995, as after that I began moving to doing logo sketches on my first Apple computer (even if first drawn by hand). From the variety of these three designs, I doubt I was given a particular direction to go in, they just wanted ideas. I have a note on the margin of this page next to version 1 (not shown) that says “A” and “stone,” so I think they wanted the A to be more standard than version 1, and wanted to try some new ideas made of stone. (Not sure why, based on the character’s powers and m.o., but that’s what they asked for.)

Here’s what I came up with for that request. Version 4 is rather ugly and not very stonelike. Version 5 is along the lines of a familiar Hulk logo, so not terribly original. That’s all I did as far as I know, I don’t have a finished logo in my files. Possibly the idea was nixed before I got that far.


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