Pulled From My Files #56: MULLKON EMPIRE LOGO

Images © Tekno Comix.

I designed several logos for Techno in the mid 1990s that went through lots of versions, but this one was straightforward and easy. I did three marker sketches, using the same design for JOHN JAKES’ on each, and the same design for MULLKON EMPIRE on the first two. This first design is a bit hard to read in this format, but in color I thought it would work fine. I was able to save space with this layout for the double L. I went for an art deco space opera look, something that would have worked on Flash Gordon.

Version 2 simply added a telescoping drop shadow. This is my favorite, has that epic look I thought the book called for.

The third sketch went a different way, a more pointy look and a black drop shadow.

The art deco block letters of version 1 suited them perfectly, and the final logo is simply traced from that on Denril plastic vellum.

Here’s the first issue of the series printed, and I think the logo works fine on it. Love that painted cover by John Watkiss!

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One thought on “Pulled From My Files #56: MULLKON EMPIRE LOGO

  1. Jamie Hickson

    John’s painted work is wonderful.

    I was very sad to hear of his passing, as I’d been a fan since
    first seeing his work on The Sandman.

    I really liked his art on Trigger, too.

    Thanks for sharing, Todd.

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