Pulled From My Files #57: BATMAN LICENSING LOGO

Images © DC Entertainment.

The very first entry in my “Pulled From My Files” series (see them all in the topic link on the sidebar) was this single image from the early 1990s. I was asked by DC’s Janice Walker to submit designs for a new Batman logo to be used for licensed products. I don’t have a final version of any of these designs, which means I wasn’t able to give them what they wanted, or they decided the existing Batman logos from the comics would work better for them. I’m sure I was paid a fee, so no problem there.

This time I’ve found five more versions that I drew up in markers for the assignment. Version 1A is the same as version 2 except that the outlined outer shape is wider, making this one easier to read, I think. Or, maybe not so much in black and white, but probably in color.

Version 2 ditches the bat shape and just has the letters, which are more square and wider.

Version 2A again uses the same layout, but removes the drop shadow and makes the letter edges a bevelled shape.

Version 2B puts the same layout back on the bat shape, minus the bevels.

Version 3 is a different but similar take on the letters with a black drop shadow.

While I think I did okay on these sketches, I certainly would agree that there are many existing Batman logos from the comics that are better, and my guess is that’s where DC went, but that’s only a guess. I don’t see many licensed products.

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