Pulled From My Files #63: Four Marvel Logos

This and all images © Marvel.

Here are what materials I have on four Marvel logos, three from 1994, one from 1990. Above, my revised first sketch for Annex. It’s hard to think of a more boring name for a superhero, but I did what I could with it. My note says I’ll make the spacing more consistent.

Sketch #2 is very square, but still readable. I like the first one better.

My finished logo, probably inked on Denril vellum, follows 1A exactly except evening things up, as suggested.

Here it is in print, looking more dynamic than anyone might expect for such a dull name!

Next up is Bishop, and I only have this one sketch, though the note says there were two originally. Marvel was flooding the market with titles in 1994, and I was getting lots of logo work from them. So much, that many of them tend to look rather similar. I still find this one appealing, though.

The finished logo is exactly the same as the sketch, just done more precisely.

In print, and looking pretty good. Editor Suzanne Gaffney had a penchant for stretching my logos vertically, but she mercifully skipped that this time. Also my cover lettering on this one.

Here’s the third, Blackwulf, using the very sharp and dangerous approach that Marvel was fond of at the time. I like the style here, and the overlap of the L on the A is a bit daring. Note all the arrows which addressed changes the editor asked for on this revised sketch. As usual, it was done in markers over pencils.

Again, the finished logo is exactly like the sketch. Once I had approval, I would simply put the vellum over the sketch and ink the design.

Looks good to me in print, and they even managed to avoid covering any of the logo.

This logo sketch from 1990 is unusual in that it’s a tight pencil sketch, not inked. It’s marked #5, but I don’t have the others. Possibly I didn’t ink it in case they wanted any small changes. I don’t have a photocopy of the finished logo.

The printed book shows the sketch was copied exactly for the final inked design. I like the teeth on the C, and the wing on the B.

That’s all I have on these, and this wraps up all the hand-drawn logo sketches I have in my A and B folder. More to come.

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