Pulled From My Files #65: CRIMEBUSTER LOGO

In 1994 I was asked by John Clark at Gladstone Comics to design a new logo for the 1940s crime fighter Crimebuster. Apparently they were planning on either a new series of stories or reprints, I don’t recall which. These are the first two marker sketches I submitted, after getting direction that they wanted something classic and using block letters, I think. Version 1 uses a lot of space, so I didn’t expect they would want it, but I enjoyed drawing it.

Versions 3 and 4 were more versions based on story logos I found for the character’s appearances in BOY COMICS. Version 4 gives it a more modern rough edge and exclamation point to add interest.

They liked version 4 best, but wanted to see it without the rough edge, and with the exclamation point separate so they could use it with or without. This was the final sketch that was okayed to do the final version, with a few notes from me on minor revisions.

Here’s the final logo, traced over the previous sketch on Denril plastic vellum. I made the front outlines a little bolder like version 4, but without the rough edge, and made minor adjustments here and there.

As far as I know, this was never used on a printed comic. I don’t know why the project was cancelled.

More of these when I have time.


2 thoughts on “Pulled From My Files #65: CRIMEBUSTER LOGO

  1. John Clark

    When Gladstone/Hamilton Comics was looking for new publishing ventures after losing the Disney franchise in the 1990s, I suggested to Bruce Hamilton we start up the Crimebuster series again, the character being in the public domain. I lined up Joe Staton to do the art and had planned to ask Todd to letter, but it never got that far. I was going to write the first two or three story arcs myself. Our Crimebuster was to be Chuck Chandler III, the grandson of the original Crimebuster and was set in contemporary times. The first story arc was to revolve around Iron Jaw, who survived to the modern age through the time honored comic book device of suspended animation (courtesy of some naive aliens). Iron Jaw is set on building the Fourth Reich in American by recruiting teenagers into a white supremacist organization (sounds like today, huh?). The new Crimebuster foils Iron Jaw’s plans, leading to Iron Jaw’s presumed death, which segues into the second story arc, featuring the Claw, who has been lying low since WWII but is still around, being an immortal Chinese demon. The cover for the first book was drawn by Staton and was solicited through Diamond, but advance sales were so poor, Bruce scrapped the project before it started.
    John Clark

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