Pulled From My Files #69: ELIMINATOR

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In 1994 I was asked by Jim Chadwick at Malibu Comics to design a logo for The Eliminator. Jim might have asked to see some metallic treatments, as the note on this first sketch suggests, and I provided them, using this first design. It’s a very plain vanilla design using squared-off block letters.

Here’s that design with the addition of THE at left, and the rest with an added bevel and metallic shading in pencil. The bevel and shading add interest, but now the letters inside the bevel seem too narrow to me.

This version adds telescoping to put the letters in three dimensions. This was as far as the metallic approach went, and probably just as well.

This sketch has the other three designs I turned in at the same time, and Jim liked version 2 best, but asked for a few changes, which I made notes about. He didn’t like the rounded E’s thought the N would read better with a notch, and wanted the left leg of the R extended up to touch  the curve. The odd shape of the O came from the character’s costume, something that always adds interest and individuality to a logo. One thing I liked about working with Jim Chadwick: he knew what he liked and how to get there. That made my job easier.

This final marker sketch offers three versions of the E, with the first one, my favorite, in the logo itself. The other changes have been made as suggested. Jim approved this sketch, but wanted the middle version of E, and to go back to having THE stacked on the left side.

The final logo, I think inked on Denril plastic vellum. In addition to the other changes, the outlines on the main word have been made a little thicker.

Here’s how it looked on the first issue, and I see that THE has been dropped completely. It works well for me, and I like the flare of lighter blue on the O.

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One thought on “Pulled From My Files #69: ELIMINATOR

  1. Kurt Busiek

    No offense meant to Jim, but I think he chose the wrong E every time!

    And now I want to see a DOCTOR STRANGE logo with that distinctive Sanctum window design in one of the O’s…

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