Pulled From My Files #71: FACTOR-X

This and all images © Marvel.

In 1994 I was asked by editor Kelly Corvese to design a Factor-X logo for a mini-series that would replace X-Factor briefly. This turned out to be quite a lengthy process with several rounds of marker sketches. I’m not sure if the one above came first, but I suspect it did.

It’s based on this X-Force logo by Alex Jay, and I doubt I would have done that on my own, it must have been a suggestion from Kelly. They decided not to go that route, and I think it would have been confusing to buyers.

More sketches followed, this one stacking X below Factor, an approach I had used successfully on a few other X-Men logos. It takes up a great deal of space vertically, so not really an ideal logo plan.

I’m missing sketch 3, but it may reappear below. This one is again quite tall, and I can’t say I like it now.

Another stacking attempt. I quite like this one, but it’s also very tall.

I suspect the missing sketch 3 included this version of the word FACTOR, which they liked, and I was then asked to do variations on the X.

This goes back to the kind of X that once appeared on the character’s costumes I think, and the black gave it effective contrast.

This version combines the X from A and the circle from B, but smaller.

Same design with an inset black X, which I like a lot today.

And one more with the circle simplified and filled in.

Version 6C was the winner, as you can tell from the star next to the version number, and here’s the final logo traced on plastic vellum in ink.

A lot of work for four issues, and this is the only one where the logo is not partly covered! So it goes in comics. I was paid well, so I didn’t care what they did with it, to be honest.

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