Pulled From My Files #72: FANTASTIC FOUR LOGO

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In 1994 I was asked by Marvel Licensing, specifically their ToyBiz division, to create a new Fantastic Four logo for toys. They wanted something inspired by the original FF logo by Sol Brodsky and Artie Simek:

but with a modern feel, or at least that’s my surmise, as I don’t recall the details of our conversation about it. My first marker sketch, above, took the original letter shapes and made them more square and thicker, as well as lined up evenly. I made some changes beyond that, but you can see the reference.

I don’t have sketch #2, but I think it was the marker version of this, the 4 symbol, which they wanted separately. This is the final version of that. I wish now I’d extended the horizontal bar to the right a little more to balance the placement better.

Sketch 3 is closer to the original logo in letter shapes, though they are thicker, and one F works for both. I still like that, but the squished 4 is not such a good idea.

The final marker sketch combines the letters from #1 with the layout from #3, but slanted and with the 4 shown behind. The texture is dark pencil on a textured book cover I think.

They liked version 1 best, here’s the final logo inked on Denril plastic vellum.

An example of the way it looked on toy packaging, though they messed with the 4 design to add that foil outline.

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