Pulled From My Files #76: GREEN LANTERN Logos

This and all images © DC Entertainment.

Here are a bunch of Green Lantern-related logos I designed from hand-drawn marker sketches. This first one was for a 1992 pair of trade paperbacks reprinting the fan-favorite run by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams from the 1970s. I was following the layout of the original logo by Gaspar Saladino, but giving the letters a somewhat more modern look.

The second version converted the flames to rays, which adds the feeling of motion.

Designer Robbin Brosterman went with the first version. This logo appeared on at least one later collection with modifications (not by me):

I like this version better, actually. The letters pop thanks to a soft shadow behind them, and the combined arrow-lantern symbol is clever.

I have only this one sketch for a Guy Gardner mini-series. I think the diamond-shaped G was Gardner’s costume symbol at the time, and my job was to make it work with the rest of his name. I did it by chopping off the right side of the shape.

Here’s the finished logo inked on plastic vellum. There was a later version that used the full G in the name with the other letters on top of it.

Here’s the first issue of the mini-series with only the suggestion of the diamond G in the background. I have to say I never liked this logo, the shapes fought each other and the result looked awkward.

In 2001 I did this unusual round logo for another mini-series that put Green Lantern in Japan. The style, suggested by designer Amie Brockway-Metcalf, was meant to suggest the wood-block stamped signatures used by Japanese print-makers.

I also tried this version with squared and pointed corners on the stroke ends.

Amie liked the first one best, and this is the final version. Some felt it was a bit hard to read, but I like it all the same.

Here’s the first issue of the series. Even at a relatively small size for a cover logo, I think it works well.

I don’t have any sketches for this one, just a photocopy of the finished logo for a 1992 graphic novel by science fiction writer Larry Niven and artist John Byrne.

Here’s the printed cover. I was disappointed that they made “Ganthet’s Tale” a foil emboss. Sure, it’s an attractive feature and looks good when held the right way (so the light reflects toward you), but it kind of kills the logo for me. Great book, but of course, I’m all about the logo! The drop shadow was removed from “Ganthet’s” which made sense for the foil emboss, but it reads much better in black and white with that element.

More when I have time.

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