Pulled From My Files #81: NEW MUTANTS, NIGHTCAT

This and all images © Marvel.

Some time in the early 1990s (I think) I was asked by Marvel to submit designs for a NEW MUTANTS logo. I’m not sure if it was for a proposed revamp or relaunch or special. In any case, they were not used. I have only two of the original four sketches. This one gets a little too cute with the reversing out of the block letters from the scratchy NEW, and would have been difficult to color.

This one is a more standard block letter approach, nothing particularly interesting going on, but it gets the job done. That’s all I have on this one.

In 1991 I was asked by Marvel to design a logo for NIGHTCAT. This was a pop-singer/crime fighter planned as a crossover between Marvel and a record company, and used to cross-promote an actual singer, sort of what they did with DAZZLER, but this time with a person already in place on the music end. I think the cat-head symbol was given to me, something the character would use on her costume or some other way. I have three out of five marker sketches.

Another variation on the same theme with the cat-head symbol smaller, but actually more readable.

This final existing sketch was the one chosen, and features a claw-mark gash in the background that could be held in a color. Though I’m missing two sketches, I think this one is a lot more interesting and energetic than the other two, and it has pointy claw shapes, too, which Marvel was big on then.

I don’t have a copy of the final logo, which would have been rendered in ink on plastic vellum, but here’s the printed cover of the only issue with a great painting by Joe Jusko. Looks pretty good to me. I don’t think the book or the singer went anywhere with the concept, though it shows promise here.

More when I have time.

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