Pulled From My Files #88: DISNEY LOGOS

Images © Disney.

In 1990, Disney was publishing comics for the first time after decades of licensing that area to other publishers. Editor Len Wein asked me to design logos for some seasonal anthologies. They already had AUTUMN ADVENTURES, above, logo design by Mike Royer I believe, and wanted the second word of each to match the style of his ADVENTURES.

Here are pencil sketches I did for two of them. The second sketch for SUMMER is very close to Royer’s AUTUMN design, the rest are just my ideas following a similar casual, fun, bouncy look. The third sketch for SUMMER was the one they wanted, but a note (probably from Len) says “wider.”

I don’t have a copy of the final logo, but here it is printed. One way I made it wider was to change the shape of the S. I also made all the letters thicker.

For SPRING, the first sketch was chosen, with the editorial note “heavier.”

Here’s the way the final logo looked in print. I think this one has a Walt Kelly feel.

I don’t have any sketches for the last seasonal one, HOLIDAY PARADE, but I chose a style that suggests Old English, one often used for Christmas-themed logos by me and others. These were fun to do.

In 1991 I was asked by Disney Comics editor David Seidman to design some character logos for Little Mermaid backup stories. SCUTTLE was one of them, he’s the gull who collects dry land gadgets for the Little Mermaid’s collection. I thought pieces of packing crate nailed together into the letters was a good idea, but as the note says, this one was a bit hard to read.Here’s a second version that reads better not only because the letters are spread out a bit, but because of the drop shadow adding depth and volume to the shapes.

That version was approved, and heres a photocopy of the final logo. It follows the sketch closely. I don’t know if it was ever used in a comic, the only LITTLE MERMAID Disney Comics that are indexed in the Grand Comics Database don’t show any backup stories with supporting characters, but it may have appeared in an issue that’s not indexed.

More of these when I have time.

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