Pulled From My Files #89: TRITON, URSULA, HALLOWEEN

This and following three images © Disney.

Today’s post is three logos that were essentially designed in one sketch, approved, inked, and sent in. First we have another Little Mermaid character logo from 1991, similar to the Scuttle design I showed last time. There are a few notes on this sketch about leaving a little more space between the I and the T and correcting the angle on the right leg of the R.

The finished logo for comparison, almost the same except for those two areas.

Another character logo from Little Mermaid, and one that was great fun to design. Who can resist letters made from tentacles for an octopus character? Not Disney, in this case.

Again, the finished logo is almost exactly the same. As I said last time, I don’t know if these were ever used in a comic, I see no solo stories for the characters in the issues of LITTLE MERMAID comics that are indexed on the Grand Comics Database.

This and the following two images © DC Entertainment.

In 1997 I was asked by Mike Heisler of WildStorm to design this scary logo. My obvious inspiration for HALLOWEEN was logo designs by Gaspar Saladino in the 1970s for titles like HOUSE OF MYSTERY and HOUSE OF SECRETS.

The final logo is identical as far as I can tell. I probably auto-traced the marker sketch in Adobe Illustrator, then cleaned up the edges where needed.

Here’s the printed comic.

All these logos were fun and easy to do, not always the case!

More when I have time.

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