Pulled From My Files #90: X-LOGOS

All images © Marvel.

In 1994 I was doing lots of logos for Marvel. It was a boom that would soon be followed by a bust. Here are three X-Men-related ones. I did only one sketch for X-MAN, probably from a suggestion by editor Bob Harras. The design is similar to one I had recently done for X-MEN UNLIMITED, but with telescoping like that on the much earlier design for UNCANNY X-MEN by Jim Steranko.

Harras must have asked me to make the main outlines thicker, as seen here on the final inked logo.

Here it is on the cover of issue #3 looking pretty good, though of course partially covered, as you would expect for such a tall logo.

For WEAPON X I have only two marker sketches, not sure if there were more. Marvel was liking the big X idea, and here I also put their belt-symbol X in the O. Again, a very tall logo.

The second sketch is less tall and emphasizes the X, but is less interesting to me now.

The first sketch was chosen, seemingly without any changes. Here it is on the first issue cover looking pretty good to me.

X-MEN ARCHIVES was meant to be a book featuring a variety ofindividual characters. I thought a name-plate idea for the logo would be a good idea, leaving room for the character logo below, and FEATURING could fit in where it worked best.

I think it was felt X-MEN needed to be larger, so I came up with this design. Note that I planned to space the letters and diamonds in ARCHIVES better when and if I inked it.

The final logo used sketch 4 without the frame. Works okay, I’m not crazy about the color choice. I also lettered that LEGION logo, I’ve already written about it earlier in this series, I think. I’m not sure if I lettered that FEATURING, or if it’s typeset.

More of these when I have time.

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