Pulled From My Files #97: DC PROMO BROCHURES

This and all images © DC Comics.

When I started working on staff at DC Comics in New York in 1977, there were copies of this brochure from the previous year around, and I took a few home at some point. Dollar Comics were still being published at the time. The brochure is 8.5 by 11 inches and printed in red and black. The art is by Neal Adams, probably inked by Dick Giordano. The display lettering is probably by Gaspar Saladino.

Inside is a promotional comic spread again by Adams and Giordano, with pencil studies of two Independent News bosses by Adams. Superman and Wonder Woman appear. The lettering might be by John Workman, I’m not sure.

The back cover has more art by Adams and Giordano, I believe, without looking up those issues.

Here’s another more elaborate and expensive promo brochure from 1979. I might have worked on this one, but don’t recall it, so probably not. It’s on glossy card stock in four colors with fancy die cuts on each page. Some of the art inside is by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, not sure about the cover image.

As you can see, the die cut is shape of Superman on one side, with a square window that reveals the image on the last page.

The design of this brochure suggests to me it was not done by any DC staffer, but by someone brought in, perhaps from an ad agency. That’s just a guess.

The final page shows retailers some of the display spinner racks and stands they can get for comics. This seems to be aimed more at traditional newsstands than the direct market, which was just getting started then.

I’m putting my copies of these up on eBay next week if anyone is interested. Here’s a LINK to my auctions.

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