Red Cats, Winter Blues

It’s been a while since I blogged about our cats, so if you like that, here it is. Tigger and Leo, our young red tabbies are a little depressed about winter. Where they’d most like to be is on the screened porch where they can watch and pretend to stalk the squirrels and birds coming to the feeders, but on cold winter days they must resort to huddling for warmth in one corner, and even then they can only stay out there so long.

They make it clear when they want to come in if I’m in the studio by standing against the sliding door, but if I’m at the kitchen sink looking out the window I can’t see that, so one of them will jump onto the glass table in front of the window to let me know. It’s pretty funny to see a cat suddenly pop into view there.

Hel-LOOO! Want to come IN now!

The next best option inside, at least for Leo, is sitting under the window feeder (which you can’t see here because of the glare) and waiting for birds to show up.

Ha! Scared ya! Oh, he’s gone. Darn.

When that fails to amuse, there’s always running around the studio and through the house chasing each other and wrestling. Tigger’s about to pounce on Leo.

Galloping cat trails on the freshly-vacuumed studio rug. Some days it looks like a herd of elk came through.

Eventually they tire themselves (and me) out, and a nap is always a good idea.

As mealtimes approach, bothering Ellen and I for food is always popular. That’s the favorite occupation of our older cat, Katie, other than actually eating and, of course, sleeping.

“What’s going on here?” says Leo. “I want some of that attention, too.” A rare moment of truce just before mealtime. Most of the day Katie hisses and swats at the other two when they’re this close.

Leo loves to eat, too, more than Tigger. Probably why he’s bigger and about five pounds heavier.

Stealing Katie’s food is even better than having your own!

Lap time is usually appreciated by everyone, though again Leo seems to like it more than Tigger. Here he is hamming it up for the camera.

This is the usual view I get, though, as Leo likes to wedge himself between my legs when I have the recliner up, “The End.”

We’ll all be happier when spring arrives, but for now, that’s a cat’s life in winter.

One thought on “Red Cats, Winter Blues

  1. kelly

    I always enjoy your updates on Tigger and Leo!! The boys are so big! Bella loves running around the house knocking things down then hiding so she doesn’t get the squirt bottle. She also enjoys pouncing on poor Lady who tries to ignore her as much as possible. The only time Lady is glad Bella is here is when she doesn’t eat all her food and Lady can clean it up! We all look forward to spring too, but as winter goes its been a mild one so far.

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