Reorders, and a Tale of Two Sigs

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The print run of 1000 copies of “Before You Read This,” my new print written by Neil Gaiman, were sent to him in two halves for his signature. While he was signing the first half, using, as he reported to me, “tanzanite” ink, which has a purple/blue color, I was still painting the moon and candle flames on the second half. While he was signing the second half, I was prepacking the first half into mailing tubes, 300 single copies, and 100 doubles. When Neil was sending back the second half, he emailed me that they were “signed–with tanzanite and a respectable pen until I got bored, when I changed to Pelikan brown ink and a 1922 Watermans flexnib pen.”

This was fine with me, I was just happy to have them signed. When I got the second half back I went through them and found about 300 were signed in brown. I decided not to announce this, though (except to my mailing list), for two reasons. One, if I did, some people would want to choose their color, and in the rush of orders I was expecting the first day, that would have been nearly impossible. Two, I had all those purple ones prepacked and needed to send them out first to anyone who just wanted one or two of these prints and nothing else.

For those on the mailing list, I told them if they were ordering other things WITH Neil’s print they could choose their color, and a small number did. Otherwise they got purple if they ordered one Neil print and other stuff, one of each color if they ordered two Neil prints and other stuff. I did the same with all the orders like that I received, so some of you may be getting a brown print, and now will know why.

As of tomorrow morning I am allowing each person to order up to FIVE of Neil’s prints. If you already have ordered one or two, you can reorder up to that number, and specify your signature colors. I will fill those requests as long as supplies last. I have roughly the same amount of each color at the moment.

Sandman ©DC Comics, Inc.

I’ve also printed a new batch of the “Library of Dream” print on the same pale gray paper as Neil’s print. If you order at this point you will get a gray one, at least until I print more.

Processed 48 more orders this evening. If I received yours by 7:20 AM Monday, my time, it will go out tomorrow. I should be caught up with orders by Saturday morning, and after that be able to turn them around within two days.

7 thoughts on “Reorders, and a Tale of Two Sigs

  1. Jann

    Hi Todd. Just got my “Before you read this” print and I’ve got to tell you I was blown away. It is fantastic. You did a perfect job of supporting the mood of Neil’s beautiful words with your design and artwork. I also really appreciate your stories about the whole process. It adds to my appreciation of the work as a whole. So thank you thank you thank you. I will treasure it always!!!

    (And I especially love the way the candles glow…..)

  2. Aloysius

    Singapore order checking in! Thanks Todd, this is awesome. For one I’ve never had something come in from the US so quickly. They both look wonderful. I’m still awestruck from just how seeing the words and the text come to live as one (will not specify and spoil things for others :D). It’s keeping me from heading to my dinner appointment but I must resist! Thanks so much once again and I hope to get something else from you in future!

  3. David Rankin

    Hi Todd, just to confirm that my print arrived here in the UK on Thursday. Many thanks to you (and Neil) for another wonderful item.

  4. Torsten Adair

    Picked up my order at the post office yesterday after work, and all the posters arrived in splendid condition! (If readers haven’t purchased one yet, I recommend the color version of “A Lettering Sampler”!)

    No big deal on the signature… although, Todd, yours is so perfect, I’m not sure if it was signed or pressed.

    The only quibble I have with the above “Library of Dream” print is the shading on the books, which I guess is the best solution, as the vertical shading interferes the least with the titles.

  5. Janet

    Melbourne, Australia order checking in! My posters arrived yesterday (monday AEST) and were picked up from the post office today. Such wonderful work! Thanks again to yourself and Mr Gaiman!

    Best Regards,
    Janet Greason

  6. Christine S chertz

    Indiana checking in. I love my print!! Thanks to you and Neil for a treasure I’ll hang in my library for years to come.

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