Rereading: ADAM OF THE ROAD by Elizabeth Janet Gray

Winner of the Newbery Medal for 1942, this fine book is made even better by the wonderful illustrations of Robert Lawson. The story takes place in England in 1294, and follows Adam, the son of a traveling minstrel, and a minstrel-in-training himself. As the story opens, Adam has been languishing at an Abbey while his father, Roger, pursues business in Europe, but at last Roger returns, and Adam and his dog Nick join him and the company of Sir Edmund de Lisle, who Roger works for, as they take the road to London, and then to Winchester. Adam makes friends in the company, but then another minstrel, Jankin, who admires Adam’s dog, steals Nick and runs away with him. Adam goes off in pursuit, but can’t catch up to Jankin, and soon also loses his father. From there, Adam’s story is full of trouble and adventure as he continues to search for both Nick and his father, paying his way with songs and stories when he can, going hungry when he can’t. The book is not only exciting, it gives a detailed look at English life of the time, from every level of society, and Adam’s pluck and courage are often tested to the limit. Recommended.

Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray

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