Rereading: FREDDY AND THE BEAN HOME NEWS by Walter R. Brooks

The tenth book in the Freddy series is full of adventure, intrigue, and fun. Trouble for Freddy begins when he visits his friend Mr. Dimsey, editor of the Centerboro Guardian, the town’s newspaper, only to find Dimsey has been replaced by Mr. Garble, a rude, angry man who hates animals. Garble is the son of the paper’s new owner, rich Mrs. Underdunk. Freddy finds Mr. Dimsey at home, and they come up with a plan to publish a new paper, The Bean Home News, which will have the latest info from the Bean Farm as well as from Freddy’s animal reporters in town. Before long, the new paper is outselling and out-reporting the old one, which makes Garble furious. Mrs. Underdunk tries to get Freddy arrested as a menace to the town, but Freddy’s friend the sheriff helps him hide out in the jail so he can keep the paper going. How soon will the State Police track him down?

As always, great fun, wonderful illustrations by Kurt Wiese, and highly recommended.

Freddy and the Bean Home News by Walter R Brooks

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