Rereading: FREDDY AND THE IGNORMUS by Walter R. Brooks

The eighth book in Brooks’ series about the New York State farm owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bean and their talking animals has a theme, and that theme is conquering your fears.

The Big Woods are not far from the Bean farm, but few animals ever go there. It’s reported to be the home of a terrifying creature called The Ignormus, which no one has actually seen, but that makes the stories about it all the worse. Freddy the pig, the star of this series, decides he should face his fear and explore the Big Woods, but the terrifying white shape he sees there floating down from the trees toward him soon has him on the run. Meanwhile, a series of robberies of food and garden vegetables has Mr. Bean angry, and the animals vow to put a stop to it. Their old nemesis, Simon the rat, has been seen in the area, and he and his family are probably to blame, but how can Freddy and his pal Jinx the cat prove it? The answers must lie in the Big Woods, and new friends from the insect world may be able to help.

Great fun, as all these books are, as the series settles into its regular and familiar format with a threat that Freddy and his friends must overcome. Lots of humor and excitement. Recommended.

Freddy and the Ignormus by Walter R Brooks

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