Rereading: FREDDY AND THE POPINJAY by Walter R. Brooks

Illustrations by Kurt Wiese

The twelfth book in the Freddy the Pig series is full of fun ideas, great characters, and amusing adventures, though by this time the series was becoming fairly predictable. Freddy, his friend Jinx the black cat, and other talking animals on the Bean Farm in New York State create their own fun, like the jousting match seen above, and also deal with a variety of troublemakers and problems, in this case a neighbor boy who’s throwing stones at them, a wildcat who wants to be their neighbor, and a few folks in town who hate talking animals, and animals in general. The title character is a robin who gets fixed up with extra fancy feathers to become a living ladies’ hat decoration that becomes all the rage in town.

Brooks’ insights into human nature are spot on as always, even if some of them are presented in animal form. Recommended.

Freddy and the Popinjay by Walter R Brooks

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