Rereading: FREDDY GOES CAMPING by Walter R. Brooks

By the fifteenth book in this series, Brooks had settled into a regular pattern and had a large cast of characters from which to choose. Here he has Freddy revisit Mr. Camphor, the rich man living on a lake north of the Bean Farm, and the two of them go camping on the far lake shore where trouble is brewing. That trouble includes the return of Freddy’s most frequent opponent, Simon the rat and his family, and a new mysterious man, Mr. Eha, who has plans to take over a lakeside hotel. Eha and the rats drive away the hotel guests and staff by frightening them with hauntings, until the owner is forced to sell at a very low price. He wants to continue with Mr. Camphor’s estate, and then the Bean Farm. Naturally, Freddy and his animal friends have other ideas, and the lake shore camp is their headquarters. But first, Freddy has to find out who Mr. Eha really is in Centerboro, not an easy task, and there are other challenges at the Camphor home.

Recommended, great fun, clever and funny.

Freddy Goes Camping by Walter R Brooks

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